Cursed Attic


The fastest growing ghost tour company in America



15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. From working in the film industry to building haunted houses, we have all of the experience necessary to make sure you have a spooky good time!


We supply you with ghost hunting gear for the tour for maximum effect!


Our company is comprised of experts in both history and the supernatural.

Why A Ghost Tour?

Ghost tours are a great way to discover a new city or just have fun on the town. Whether your looking for a fun outing with the family or a creepy experience with friends, ghost tours are perfect for any occasion!

Brandy -- 8/21/2021

loved this tour. I am a big fan of learning about the areas we visit.

Lee -- 7/21/2021

Super fun tour! Would highly recommend checking it out

Brenna -- 7/10/2021

Very informative and a fun experience! Our tour guide was very chill and knew a lot of interesting knowledge and sitings.

Panda -- 10/13/2021

The guide was extremely knowledgeable. It's too bad that no one else was with us. They missed a good time!

Jeffrey -- 8/29/2021

Enjoyed it and really learned the history..  Went to a bunch of different locations, and the guide explained, the deal with them.  Good for an outing or if you're curious.

Yousuf -- 5/5/2022

Greg was awesome! So fun. We learned SO much, and ghosts, buried souls, and so much more.  HIGHLY recommend.  So much so that I'm going to book the other versions of the tour!

Steve - 4/7/2022

Worth the time and money.  Our host had so much knowledge.  He even showed us some pictures of the paranormal he caught on camera.  Highly recommend to anyone.

Samantha - 1/3/2022


Fun times! Interesting historical facts you would otherwise never know! Interesting photo shows perhaps a ghost? Only if you believe… :)

Remember to tip your guide at the end of the tour!